Matvienko called for conditions for Russia’s security and preservation of sovereignty Russian News EN

Chairman of the Federation Council Matvienko called the achievement of the goals of the NWO a guarantee of maintaining the sovereignty of the Russian Federation

According to the speaker Federation Council Valentina Matvienkothe achievement of the objectives of the special operation guarantees the preservation of sovereignty Russia and its safety. According to her, the Russian Federation has everything necessary for this. On the strength of this opinion, the politician share in his blog on the Federation Council website on the occasion of the anniversary of his membership Crimea in Russia.

Matvienko believes that it is Russia and its policies that are the main obstacle to aspirations UNITED STATES and their satellites to establish world hegemony. The Chairman of the Federation Council underlined. that nine years ago the annexation of Crimea to Russia became an event of historical significance also because the Russians and the international community were convinced that the collapse of the USSR did not become the collapse of historical Russia.

According to the senator, the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation also gave additional impetus to the struggle of Donbass and other regions for the right to be part of Russia.

Formerly Valentina Matvienko spoke with a call for participants in the grain deal to use the 60 days for which the deal has been extended to remove all existing barriers to the export of Russian food and fertilizers.

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