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OMAHA, NE—Saying the social media network was the only place he had heard about his purported newborn relative, local man Eric Cruthirds expressed doubt Wednesday as to whether his cousin Audrey had actually given birth to the baby pictured in his Facebook feed. “The story seems plausible enough, but you always have to stop and consider the source, which in this case is an outlet that isn’t exactly known for its accuracy,” said Cruthirds, who observed that the photos his cousin shared of herself in a hospital bed ostensibly holding her child for the first time were a bit blurry and could have been photoshopped without too much effort. “Audrey was definitely pregnant at the family reunion, but that doesn’t mean she carried the baby to term. Even if she did, there’s no guarantee the baby in these images is hers. Everyone’s liking and commenting on the post as if it were true, but let’s just say this wouldn’t be the first time my Aunt Brenda shared news on Facebook that turned out to be false. People really ought to check their facts before they spread around stuff like this.” At press time, Cruthirds was reportedly on the phone with the county clerk’s office, attempting to confirm whether there was any public record of the baby’s birth.