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Operators of Wildberries pick-up points across the country have walked out following new fines

Operators of Wildberries collection points in major cities across Russia have staged a strike over new fines the online retailer has begun to impose on them for damaged and lost goods, several local media reported on Wednesday.

The retailer is said to have imposed a new rule on collection point owners, under which the full cost of items is withheld from store owners if the buyer complains they were faulty.

It would also have introduced a fine of 100,000 rubles ($1,300) for owners of Wildberries pick-up points who spread offensive and false information about the company or its customers and partners.

Owners of Moscow’s cash-out points gathered in protest near the e-commerce giant’s office on Tuesday. Pick-up point operators also halted work in St. Petersburg, Barnaul and Yekaterinburg.

“The financial aspect leaves a lot to be desired. We need transparency on winnings and penalties, even if they remain in effect,” one of the protesters told Russian business daily RBK, adding that those gathered plan to demand fair terms from the management.

One of the operators claimed that the fines create difficulties in paying the salaries of the employees.

In response to RBK’s questions about the strike at the company’s office, the Wildberries press office said the reports about the rally were false.

According to the Telegram channel “Caution, Moscow”, the owners of the withdrawal points prepared a collective request, but could not forward it to the management of Wildberries because it was not accepted at the company’s headquarters.

After police arrived at the company’s headquarters in Moscow, the company reportedly held a Zoom meeting with the strikers to provide information on the new regulations.

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