Lavrov blamed US for blackmailing ‘below the belt’ Russian News EN

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov slams US for blackmailing ‘below the belt’

Policy UNITED STATES compared to the countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa – blackmail “below the belt”. With such a statement spoke chapter Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Prensa Latina.

According to the minister, Washington Constantly threatens developing countries with “unscrupulous, literally gangster methods” in the form of promises to create trouble for loans and demands for ultimatums to support sanctions and anti-Russian resolutions condemning Russia.

“It cannot be called diplomacy. This is pure blackmail from the waist down,” Lavrov stressed, adding that there was no such thing even during the Cold War.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States in its policy have crossed all facets of decency. “Everything can be expected from the United States today. In an effort to assert their hegemony, they have already crossed all the boundaries of decency: diplomatic, ethical, any other,” he said.

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