Kirkorov’s father has decided to divorce his wife after 26 years of marriage Russian News EN

Bedros Kirkorov, 90, has decided to divorce his wife after 26 years of marriage

90 year old singer Bedros Kirkorov decided to divorce his wife Ludmila Smirnova after 26 years of marriage for the sake of a new lover. The information was confirmed by the son of the artist Philip Kirkorov, transmits Channel Five.

The performer was happy for his father, who met love at an advanced age. Kirkorov called the newly chosen relative a beautiful woman, emphasizing that he and his father respect each other’s personal life.

According to the star, he is happy that there is someone next to his father who will take care of him.

“Congratulations, that almost at 91, he lives a full life, does not deny himself anything. If I live to this age, I will be the happiest person, of course,” Kirkorov said.

In February reportedthat Bedros Kirkorov was hospitalized after complaining of being unwell. It was difficult for the artist to breathe, and his pressure also decreased. The symptoms persisted for two days, so her carer decided to see a doctor. It turned out that a lot of fluid had accumulated in one of the performer’s lungs.

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