Kirienko said a farewell to the participants of the “Peak of Opportunities” forum: Regions: Russia:

Sergei Kiriyenko wished the participants of the Peak of Opportunities forum to conquer new heights

The educational program of the first all-Russian forum “Peak of Opportunities” of the Academy “Rosmolodezh.Grants” began on April 8, 2023 with an online connection Sergei Kirienkofirst deputy chief Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

“Each of you is a leader, a person who has successfully won a scholarship competition Rosmolodezh. You became the best of the best – not only did you win the competition, but you were able to organize projects. There is a team behind each of you, because it is impossible to set up serious projects alone. We benefit from a large support grant, which is put in place thanks to the decisions of our president. The program of work with Rosmolodezh grants includes not only a competition, support for those who implement them, but also an extensive educational program – the Rosmolodezh.Grants Academy project was launched, the task of which is to ensure that you can take the next step, conquer new heights. If the world is changing, we must lead those changes and make sure they benefit our country and everyone who lives in it. You’re already doing it, and I’m sure after the results of this forum and the training program, it will get even better! said Sergey Kiriyenko.

In addition, the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration addressed the participants with a request to share their experience with the youngest participants of the forum and expressed individual words of gratitude to Rosmolodezh experts, who devote a lot of time not only to select the best projects, but also to help move forward.

Today, participants from the nine areas of the forum will continue to develop strategies for their own development and that of the communities, which they started on the first day. The educational program aims to improve communication between grant communities and is able to prepare their representatives for grant writing and subsequent project implementation.

Potential #join track participants will develop and contribute their ideas to a successful project application. Grant recipients from the #develop track will bring projects to the district and federal levels, establish partnership agreements in the form of collaborations with “We’re on the Way” poster program partners. The #inspire track ambassadors will form a common vision of working to achieve the maximum result and form “the image of a person promoting the brand” with Valeria Rodina, public relations director of Insight People.

#instruct track mentors and #teach experts will explore ways to grow the expert community. #unite track coordinators will think about a system of interaction with other areas, form a system for monitoring the work of coordinators. Representatives of universities in the #direct stream will learn how to integrate projects into the youth policy system in the regions, work with reports and estimates, and tomorrow they will ask exciting questions about grant competitions Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education. #turn on track ASBLs will learn how to disseminate projects and reach the federal level.

Younger participants in the “Movement of the First” #begin track will be inspired by grantee successes, create ideas for future grant projects, and learn about the process of completing a grant application.

In total, during the first day of the educational program, participants will listen to the conferences of 21 regional and federal speakers. And after a day of master classes, they will go to the cultural program “Pass”, where they can relax. The Vysota Youth Center will host the finalists of the Volga Federal District Wedding Awards, the duo Two Match.

DJ Real will play a set at the fair, the White Fire cover band will perform and the game “What? Or when?” of the space “JUST” of petersburg. In the city, participants will attend the performance of the instrumental duo “String Theory” in “Planetarium 1”. Participants of the “Movement of Firsts” will visit the New Generation Theater “On the other side of the mirror”. On April 9, the educational program will be continued by speakers such as: Sergei Ryazansky, pilot-cosmonaut; Ksenia Zhmud, creative director of SETTERS; Maria Savinykh, creative director of the Soyuzmultfilm studio and Evgeny Ronzhina, co-founder and ideologue of the Community University, ex-director general of the headquarters of SberX. As a result of the forum, each of the nine domains will provide solutions for the development of their community Rosmolodezh.Grants.

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