Khusnullin wanted to live in Mariupol Russian News EN

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin asked Putin for permission to spend a week in Mariupol

Vice Prime Minister Russia Marat Khusnullin wanted to live temporarily Mariupol. He asked permission to do so from the president. Vladimir Poutinetransmits RIA News.

A conversation among politicians on this topic took place during a working trip of the head of state to Mariupol. Khusnullin shared that he visits this city once or twice a month.

“Allow me, now we will approve the socio-economic development program, I want to come and live for a week. I want to live here, then in all regions, ”the Deputy Prime Minister addressed the President.

About Putin’s work trip to Mariupol became known March 19 The president traveled to the city by helicopter and drove around several of its neighborhoods in a car. Khusnullin accompanied Putin on the trip.

Earlier, March 18, Putin visited Crimea. The visit was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the peninsula’s inclusion into Russia.

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