Kadyrov announced a reward for the leader of a Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter who burned the Koran Russian News EN

Kadyrov pledged 10 million rubles for the capture of a Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier who burned the Koran

Ramzan Kadyrov announced an award for a member of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU), who started a fire, using the pages of the Koran to ignite. About this chapter Chechnya writing in your Telegram channel.

“For the elimination of this scum, I announce a reward of five million rubles. For taking alive – twice as much – ten million rubles, ”promised the politician.

He assured that the money would be paid at any time. “Know that punishment will come at any time. Now your hare soul will know no peace,” Kadyrov added.

Formerly Kadyrov, commenting a video that appeared on the network with the burning of the Koran by the fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that these people showed their “true fascist-satanic interior”. He also expressed doubts that the fighters would have had the courage to do so if there were Chechens or Muslims nearby. Furthermore, he condemned the Muslims fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and added that they would be damned, as well as those who infringe on the Koran.

In January Kadyrov informedthat the Mufti of Chechnya Salakh-Khadzhi Mezhiev, head of the first group of theologians of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chechen Republic, was trained at the Russian Special Forces University. According to him, more than 300 cadis and imams of mosques in Chechnya plan to undergo training.

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