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Telegraph: Johnson releases sensational data on innocence in COVID party case

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Boris intends to publish ‘sensational’ evidence of his innocence in the case of the parties which took place in his office at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the Telegraph newspaper.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the politician is convinced that the new data will be able to justify him in the affair of the party.

The evidence package must include messages from Johnson’s advisers that no anti-COVID rules were violated at office events.

“There is documentary evidence which will show that he was advised to say what he said,” the source told The Telegraph.

Formerly Johnson apologized for attending parties held in his office during the pandemic. Speaking in Parliament, he said some of those Downing Street parties were actually go-outs for departing employees, where he briefly visited, as another boss would have done. At the same time, as the politician pointed out, he did not know that these parties continued until late, and was surprised by the facts revealed during the investigation.

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