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Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Then T-Baby’s 2008 hit “It’s So Cold in the D” is a Christmas song.

A decade ago, the track became a viral sensation due in part to T-Baby’s off-beat and off-key singing, as well as its low-budget music video, which was reportedly shot for a mere $300. Then it got exposed to an even wider audience after it got roasted like a chestnut on an open fire in an episode of MTV’s revived Beavis & Butthead show in 2011.

To this day, people still reference the chorus when winter rears its icy head: “It’s so cold in the D/ How the fuck do we ‘sposed to keep peace?”

The song has endured — not only because it’s actually catchy as hell, but because it has a lot of heart. And like plenty of Christmas songs, “It’s So Cold in the D” references both the frigid weather but also the need for goodwill toward others.

T-Baby, real name LaTonya Myles, wrote the song after her friend Mason Graham was shot and killed in 2006 while trying to break up a fight at a Coney Island.

“People hearts minds and souls are cold and the only time you find peace is when you die,” T-Baby wrote on Spotify. “So cold in the D is a song that means a lot to me and was created from a place deep within my heart.”

“It’s cold in Detroit, it’s cold in Baltimore, it’s cold in Chicago, this whole world is cold,” T-Baby’s manager Bishop told the Detroit News. “The message of the song is it’s cold, so we need to start showing more love.”

For that reason, we say “It’s So Cold in the D” should officially enter the Christmas music canon. Enjoy T-Baby’s most famous track below:

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And a 2015 remix:

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