“It’s safer there.” What now?” Putin met Russia’s top entrepreneurs — and told them where and how to do business — Meduza

The Russian economy begins to develop according to a new pattern, positive trends are gaining momentum. In 2023, we will have an inflation target – lower than that of the countries of the euro zone, which are constantly waiting for our collapse. An American said rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated. It’s the same with our economy.

Companies should not miss the chance to fill the niches of defunct Western companies, otherwise some will want to come back. You and I know, so I’ll say in a family way who gives advice to our villains, how to attract us more and where to infringe. But those who stayed here and worked turned out to be smarter, more energetic, more efficient than those who left and gave advice to our villains.

We have known each other for many years. I often heard: “Well, it’s safer there.” And now? (pause and applause).

Cover photo: Antonio Masiello / Getty Images

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