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Reuters: Russia begins supplying fuel to Iran by rail

Russia started exporting fuel to Iran by rail after some buyers refused Russian power. This is reported Reuters citing industry sources and export data.

In February and March 2023, Iran received up to 30,000 tonnes of Russian gasoline and diesel fuel, insiders with knowledge of the export data told Reuters. Another interlocutor also confirmed the fact of the deliveries, but could not specify their volumes. All fuel was exported by rail from Russia via Kazakhstan And Turkmenistan. One of the insiders clarified that some gasoline shipments were then sent from Iran to neighboring states, including Iraqby car.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak last autumn announced the start of swaps (under the substitution regime, used when direct deliveries are impossible – approximately. “”) shipments of petroleum products to Iran, but actual shipments only began this year, agency sources said.

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According to traders in the Central Asian oil market, Russia has already supplied small amounts of fuel to Iran by tankers via the Caspian Sea. Now, Russian oil companies are keen to export diesel and gasoline to Iran by rail, as sea shipments are associated with high freight rates and a price cap imposed by G7 countries.

However, according to sources, the new way of exporting also comes with some difficulties. They said they expected an increase in fuel supplies from Iran this year, but railway congestion could prevent rapid growth.

Former Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Ehsan Khanduzi declaredWhat Tehran expects “huge volumes” of oil and gas swap deliveries from Russia in 2023. He said deliveries had slowed for a while due to some neighboring countries of Iran, but now “this issue has been resolved”.

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