IOC conditions for admitting Russian athletes slammed as inhumane Russian News EN

Sports Minister Matytsin called inhuman the IOC’s conditions for admitting Russian athletes

Minister of Sports Russia Oleg Matytsin called the conditions of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the admission of Russian athletes to competitions discriminatory and inhumane. His words lead RIA News.

“The IOC’s recommendations to classify Russian athletes are illegal, and a separate decision on team sports is openly discriminatory. Our athletes are being offered entry through the half-open door, while creating additional barriers,” said Matytsin.

He recalled that athletes train hard for years in order to affirm the true principles of sport in a fair fight and deprive them of the right to compete in an inhuman way.

The minister added that Russia always opposes political interference in sport. He called on all International Federations to adopt a similar position.

March 28 IOC recommended allow the Russians who did not support the special operation on Ukraine. At the same time, Russian athletes and Belarusassociated with the armed forces or security agencies of their country, it is recommended to be suspended from participation in tournaments.

At the end of February 2022, most sports organizations suspended Russian national teams and Belarus on the recommendation of the IOC. The decision on the participation of representatives of these countries in the 2024 Olympics has not yet been made.

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