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Raw food blogger Lyuty has blamed the death of his newborn son on his common-law wife

raw food blogger Maxim Lyuty, the father of a newborn baby who died of exhaustion, blamed his common-law wife for the death of his newborn son. This is reported Telegram-Kub Mash channel.

During his interrogation, he said that only the mother, who was fully responsible for the upbringing of her son, was responsible for the incident. However, the investigation has other information – the blogger took the child from the woman at least three times so that she could not feed him and sprinkled the baby with ice water.

As a result, a child at the age of one month died in Sochi dystrophy and pneumonia on the way to the hospital. At the same time, Lyuty himself believes that the death of the child is not connected with the fact that he deprived him of food.

March 19 Court of the Lazarevsky district of Sochi stopped Lutogo for two months.

Maxim Lyuty is the author of programs, courses and systems aimed at motivation, as well as physical and spiritual development. In addition, he follows a raw diet, which he talks about in his blogs, and also claims that the systems of his author contribute to the healing of the whole organism.

Earlier in March in Sochi, Maxim Lyuty’s 33-year-old common-law wife, accused of negligently causing the death of a baby, house arrest. As the court established, the woman gave birth to a son in February 2023 without qualified assistance. The child was not registered with state agencies and was not shown to doctors.

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