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An Irkutsk resident was sentenced to 5 years in prison for beating and forcing a child to stand on peas

IN Irkutsk the court sentenced a 32-year-old local resident to five years in a strict regime colony for beating a four-year-old child and forcing him to stand on peas. On Sunday, March 19, was informed by a representative regional prosecutor’s office Eugenie Alferova.

The man was found guilty under clause “d” of part 2 of article 117 (“Torture against a known minor”) of the Penal Code RF. The investigation and the court established that in June 2022, in the absence of his partner, a man beat his daughter for minor reasons. As punishment for the girl, he scattered dried peas on the floor and forced her to kneel.

The girl turned to a grocery clerk for help, the woman filmed the story of the child, and also recorded traces of beatings, after which she posted everything on the Internet. Law enforcement and supervisory authorities have taken an interest in the case.

It is known that the man had already been convicted several times for committing mercenary and violent crimes. The accused pleaded not guilty in the case of torturing a child. The girl was removed from the family, her mother was limited in her parental rights.

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