Investigation and court: Power structures:

Security forces came to Moscow’s Underdog and La Virgen bars due to suspicion of funding Ukrainian Armed Forces

Security forces raided Moscow bars Underdog and La Virgen. On this subject TASS says a source in Power Structures.

According to him, the reason for this was the suspicion that these institutions could be involved in the sponsorship of the armed forces. Ukraine (UPA). Individual visitors are also checked.

The press service of the General Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior for Moscow reported RBC that they did not receive this information. According to REN TV, several people were held.

March 17 Oktyabrsky Court petersburg stopped Rostovite Igor Siomik, 34, accused of funding Ukrainian nationalist Regiment “Azov” (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) and APUs. The Russian is charged with a crime under the article “Assistance in terrorist activities”. According to the investigation, the man was collecting funds in St. Petersburg for the purchase of weapons, ammunition and military equipment, as well as for sabotage in Russia.

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