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A Permian who attacked friends with a machete after being questioned about the reasons for his sadness will appear in court

IN Perm region A 31-year-old neighborhood resident who macheted twin brothers after being questioned about his sadness will appear in court. On Friday, March 17, was informed by the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The man is charged with a crime under paragraph “c” of part 2 of article 115 (“Intentional infliction of minor bodily harm”) and article 119 (“Threat of murder and bodily harm serious”) of the Penal Code RF.

According to investigators, in March 2022, four friends drank alcohol together. On the way back, it seemed to one of them that his comrade had lost his temper. When interrogated, the accused pulled a machete from his chest and struck the interrogated victim in the face. His brother rushed to help him, but the accused also threatened to kill him, after which he swung his machete and hit him on the left arm. The fourth friend succeeded in incapacitating the man.

The attacker now faces up to two years in prison. The man has been convicted before.

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