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In Balashikha, a traffic policeman injured in the chest by a passerby chased the criminal for a kilometer

There were details of a 54-year-old bystander’s assault with a knife on a 40-year-old policeman in the suburbs Balashikha. This is reported MK.RU.

The law enforcement officer was sitting in a car near the house on Nekrasov Street and waiting for his wife. He noticed an unsuitable citizen as he tried to enter the house. However, the janitor threw him out onto the street. The extra was shouting loudly and swearing obscenities. soon to be employed traffic police lost the man out of sight, decided to smoke and opened the window. Then the intruder approached him.

We note that the policeman wanted to catch up with the stranger on the run, he pursued him for a kilometer and simultaneously called the police station. Then the brawler ran into the entrance of the skyscraper and the inspector blocked the front door. Security forces found the attacker in one of the apartments.

Previously became knownthat on March 14, an Eastern District Traffic Police officer was sitting in a car in the yard of the house. There, a stranger approached him and tried to stab him through the open door. Then the senior lieutenant got out of the car to arrest the accused. However, he was able to injure him in the chest.

The law enforcement officer was off duty and in civilian clothes. He received a minor injury. A criminal case has been opened in the incident. The issue of the Russian’s arrest is being decided.

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