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In St. Petersburg, a migrant from Tajikistan opened an account for militants in Syria and is being investigated

IN Saint PETERSBOURG investigators have opened a case against a 21-year-old citizen Tajikistan, suspected of complicity in the financing of an international terrorist organization (ITO). This was reported to by an official representative of the department Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in St. Petersburg Sergei Kapitonov.

According to the investigation, in December 2021, a stranger met one of the terrorists on a social network. He asked her to open a bank account to help raise funds for the activists of Syria. In February, the young man opened an account in his own name and conveyed the details to the interlocutor through the social network.

Afterwards, he transmitted the confirmation codes to the terrorist several times, knowing that the money was being sent to finance the MTO.

Now the suspect is in the remand center for foreign citizens of the Moscow region.

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