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TFR: In Dolgoprudny, a man witnessed a murder and almost died at the hands of a criminal

in the suburbs Dolgoprudny A man suspected of murder and attempted murder has been arrested. This was reported to in the management Investigative Committee of Russia (TRF) by the Moscow region.

According to the investigation, on April 7, a man born in 1963 was killed near the dressing room on the territory of the industrial zone. The alleged perpetrator, who was in an inadequate state, tried to burn the body, shouting that he was the “god of fire”, the agency said. “Moscow”. A passerby was an eyewitness to the incident. Noticing him, armed with an inadequate knife, rushed after him. The eyewitness had a traumatic gun with him and he started shooting at the pursuer. He was injured in the neck and shoulder blade, he was hospitalized. Doctors also diagnosed him with a mental disorder.

A criminal case has been opened against him. During the search, the suspect had on him an axe, a knife and drugs.

Investigators and medical examiners examined the scene, seized the murder weapon from there, and questioned him.

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