Investigation and court: Power structures:

In the Rostov region, more than 20 police officers became accused in a corruption case

IN Rostov region arrested the former Deputy Chief of Police for the Protection of Public Order of the Interior Ministry Russia in Rostov-on-Don Dmitry Rybalko, suspected of creating a criminal community. On this subject on Tuesday, April 11, informed Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR).

According to the investigation, the group created by Rybalko has been operating in the area since July 2015. It included former and current police officers. More than 20 people have become accused in the case of creating a criminal community and accepting bribes. The police imposed a tribute on businessmen who worked in the local consumer market.

For bribes, they turned a blind eye to administrative and other violations. Rybalko set a tariff according to which the heads of structural divisions in his community received contractors from 3 to 50 thousand rubles a month.

Mandatory cash payment depended on the number of business premises in the city. The investigation estimates that the assailants enriched themselves by a total amount of at least 25 million rubles.

On April 11, it was reported that the former head of air operations of Rosavitsia stopped in a corruption case.

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