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Investigative committee: in Ugra, a businessman was sentenced to 6 years for the deaths of 9 people due to substitution alcohol

IN Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – The Ugra court sentenced a 37-year-old individual entrepreneur to six years in prison for the death of nine people due to substitution alcohol. On Thursday, March 30, was informed by the regional department Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

The Russian was found guilty under part 3 of article 238 (“Sale of products which do not meet the requirements for the safety of life and health of consumers, resulting in the death of at least two people “) and Part 1 of Article 171.3 (“Illicit Trafficking in Alcoholic Products”) of the Penal Code RF. He will serve his sentence in a penal colony.

According to the agency, from November 2018 to January 2022, a businessman and his acquaintance from Tyumen without a license for the retail sale of alcohol, they bought alcohol-containing products with the name “Tsarskaya Okhota”, “Springs of Siberia” and other names on the territory of the Sibirsky warehouse in Tyumen, then sold them at the Nika grocery store in the village of Kondinskoye. In total, they bought 4,000 0.5 liter bottles.

The bottles did not have documents confirming the quality and safety of the alcohol. Thus, some of the products purchased on January 5, 2022 contained methyl alcohol. After drinking this alcohol, 16 residents were poisoned. As a result, nine citizens died, four suffered serious bodily harm and three suffered minor bodily harm.

It should be noted that the accomplice of the condemned Tyumen region deceased. Three saleswomen from the Nika store were given suspended sentences.

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