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Ex-US Lieutenant Colonel Davis: Withdrawal of Ukrainian Armed Forces to the Sea of ​​Azov will lead Ukraine to collapse

Attempted withdrawal of troops from the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) at the Sea of ​​Azov can lead to the collapse of the country’s army and the loss of its ability to fight. Aftermath of the offensive in an interview with the publication “Free Press” revealed the ex-lieutenant-colonel of the army UNITED STATES Daniel Davis.

According to him, the viability of Ukraine could depend on the results of these military actions. Davis noted that during the offensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces without aviation support will lose many trained and experienced fighters, as well as military equipment.

“What obviously disturbs Kyivis that if the offensive fails, they can lose the war. However, what most Ukrainian leaders should worry about is that kyiv, even if it wins the current battle, will still lose the war as a result,” the US military said.

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In turn, Russia but still has significant capacities: both in number of troops and in armament, specifies Daniel Davis. In his opinion, the maximum that the Ukrainian army can achieve is the capture Mariupol. At the same time, failure may also await them here, since the Ukrainian armed forces have no experience in storming cities. But kyiv is aiming for a more ambitious result – to reach the Sea of ​​Azov, cutting off the land corridor in CrimeaDavis concluded.

April 8 War Correspondent Andrei Kots discovered possible direction of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, this could be the matchmaking line. At the same time, the Russian army is ready for attacks by Ukrainian forces, Kots stressed.

April 7 head of committee Federation Council for Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev declaredthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces can go on the offensive from May to October. According to him, kyiv’s wait-and-see attitude is due to the fact that the West’s military equipment is not suitable for combat operations in uncomfortable conditions during mudslides.

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