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Lawyer Gatin: income of blogger Mitroshina could be 350-400 million rubles

Alexey Gatin, managing partner of Law and Tax Law Firm, named the blogger’s possible earnings Alexandra Mitroshina, accused of tax evasion for 120 million rubles. He estimated share with the Izvestia.

Commenting on the case against Mitroshina, the specialist noted that one can speak of the so-called classic business splitting scheme, in which income is distributed among several individual entrepreneurs. Thus, the businessman does not exceed the limits established for the simplified tax system, under which it is necessary to pay 6% of his income. Under the general tax system, an entrepreneur must pay 33% of his income.

According to Gatin, 120 million rubles, which Mitroshina is accused of non-payment, could be the same 33% of her income. However, taxes representing 6% of income appear to have been paid, he said. With this in mind, the lawyer suggested that the blogger’s income could be around 350-400 million rubles. At the same time, the expert pointed out that he was unfamiliar with the facts of the case and could only speculate.

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Previously the Telegram channel SHOT said on Mitroshina real estate. According to him, the blogger owns three apartments in Moscow and apartments at dubai.

March 21st became knownthat a criminal case has been opened against Mitroshina. Investigators suspect her of tax evasion for 120 million rubles. It was specified that searches were carried out at the place of registration of the blogger and her alleged accomplices. Also reportedthat Mitroshina is abroad.

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