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US Army Draven praised Russian women for their beauty and desire to be themselves

American veteran and writer Noctis Draven praises Russian women for two distinctive traits. According to the military, Russian women are beautiful because they remain themselves and do not want to chase Western trends. The American wrote about it on his page in Twitter.

“IN Russia women are beautiful <….> and don’t hate men,” he said.

Draven also sneered and noted that, unlike some Western representatives, “Russian women don’t have male genitalia.”

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Dozens of followers commented on the US military post. Some users have noticed that Russian women want and are ready to start a family, while UNITED STATES and Europe, girls prefer to refuse this.

January 8 American journalist Jackson Hinkle admired Russian woman’s beauty Anna Linnikova, who won the Miss Russia pageant, and expressed bewilderment at a transgender woman’s victory in a local beauty pageant in the United States. According to him, the representative of Russia is much more attractive. Hinkle also humiliated the jury’s choice from the United States, which raised many questions from the other contestants and his viewers.

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