In Ukraine, they recognized the problems with the fight against the new Russian bombs Russian News EN

Chairman of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ignat: Ukraine has nothing to shoot down new Russian bombs

Ukrainian Air Defense (Air Defense) has nothing to shoot down a new type of air bombs it produces Russia. The problems of confrontation with this type of weapon were recognized by the spokesman of the Air Force (AF) of the Armed Forces Ukraine (COULD) Youri Ignatreports “Politics of the country” in Telegram.

He noted that we are talking about aerial bombs weighing one and a half tons. Ignat recalled that recently the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu I went to the company where this ammunition is produced. He also suggested that the new bombs would be equipped with GPS navigation and wings.

Ignat noted that among ground systems such weapons can be combated by Samp-t and Patriot systems. Planes can also fight with such aerial bombs. F 16 “or other generations 4+”.

“It should be understood that such bombs strike at a distance of more than 50 kilometers and along a military clash or state border. Therefore, there is still nothing to get them, namely the planes that launch them, ”concluded the spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Early April, Ignat saidthat Ukraine has three brigades MiG-29. So, at that time, the country had about 72 such fighters.

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