In Ukraine, revealed the timing of the start of the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Russian News EN

Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmygal said the Ukrainian Armed Forces counteroffensive could begin this summer

Prime Minister Ukraine Denis Chmygal said that the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces could begin this summer. His lyrics lead The Hill.

The politician pointed out that Kyiv does not feel the pressure of Western “friends and partners”. “All of our friends and partners are well aware that to go on the counter-offensive you have to be 100% ready or even more,” he said.

Former US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discovered moment of the start of the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to him, the offensive of Ukrainian troops in the front line could begin in the coming weeks. Blinken stressed that the goal of the countries supporting Ukraine in the conflict is to help prepare for the offensive and strengthen the medium and long-term potential of the state.

In February, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky declaredthat the country will be able to regain control of the lost territories. He said he was confident that the Ukrainian authorities could “reject Russian strikes”, also saying that kyiv “has proof from 1891” of its ability to return lands lost to its control.

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