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Gumenyuk: a large number of escapees in Ukraine is associated with a decrease in motivational resources

Defense Force Spokesperson Ukraine “South” Natalia Gumenyuk explained that a large number of rebels is associated with a “decrease in the motivational resource” of citizens. Ukrainian edition”suspensionpublished an interview with Gumenyuk, during which issues of mobilization and roundups of recruits were discussed.

“When a full-scale war has been going on for more than a year, when you realize what kind of invasion they opposed and how difficult it is, what it means to counter the army of a country which is five times larger than our population, then the motivational resource of people has diminished,” she pointed out.

According to her, a large number of Ukrainian citizens have been evacuated to areas far from the hostilities and are in no hurry to register with military registration and enlistment offices. Gumenyuk explained that such actions will help to avoid receiving a summons to the place of residence, but will not save from a personal meeting with the military commissar.

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Speaking of the numerous cases of detention of conscripts without the participation of a police squad and raids, the press secretary of the Ukrainian Defense Forces suggested that the inhabitants “start with themselves”.

“The recruiting centers are not about kidnapping people. Here you have to start with yourself and give an answer if you have fulfilled the things prescribed by law, your obligations,” she concluded.

March 30 reportedthat a “register of dissenters” could appear in Ukraine. Committee representative Ukrainian Parliament for national security, defense and intelligence Fedor Venislavsky said that a relevant bill is currently being drafted. According to him, the law will grant military registration and enlistment offices the right to publish the personal data of those liable for military service who ignore subpoenas.

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