In the United States, they reported a “civil war” between Republicans over Ukraine Russian News EN

WP: ‘Civil war’ breaks out in US Republican Party over aid to Ukraine

Between representatives of the Republican Party UNITED STATES a “civil war” broke out over disagreements over continued military aid Kyiv. On this subject informed The Washington Post.

The publication drew attention to the statement by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Carey Lake, whom it criticized for “multi-billion dollar” aid. Ukraine to the detriment of the interests of American citizens.

According to her, the money earned by Americans is sent abroad “to start a third world war”, and it is not the choice of the people.

Like’s lyrics found support in the face of many party members, WP notes. At the same time, a number of Republicans in Congress called his statement marginal and advocated continued aid to Kyiv.

Formerly a journalist Bradley Devlin declaredthat American aid, already more than 32 billion dollars, is a major drain on the resources Washington. He added that achieving the US military’s weapons and ammunition goals is a difficult task.

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