In the suburbs, a man ate a diaper and died Russian News EN

In Volokolamsk, Moscow region, a man registered with a psychiatrist ate a diaper and died

IN Volokolamsk the Moscow region a licensed psychiatrist, a 54-year-old Russian, was found dead with a diaper in his larynx. On this Thursday, March 30, informed

The Russian was a patient in a psychiatric hospital and died, according to the preliminary version, of acute heart failure. During the autopsy, pathologists found bits of diaper in her airways.

It turned out that in addition to a cognitive impairment, the man had a perception disorder: he couldn’t distinguish between edible and inedible. According to hospital staff, they periodically had to remove clothing and bedding from this patient’s mouth. He suffered from incontinence, so he always wore diapers.

The deceased has been hospitalized since March 7.

In October 2022 at Krasnoyarsk Territory a one-year-old girl played with plasticine, ate it and deceased.

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