In the regions of Russia, they began to send summons to clarify the data. The Kremlin says it’s ‘standard practice’

In at least three regions of Russia – Lipetsk, Penza And Voronezh regions – they began to send summonses to the military registration and enlistment office to local residents. This was reported by representatives of regional authorities on official pages and in state media comments.

Authorities in the regions say the subpoenas are issued “exclusively to update military records”. The administration of the Lipetsk region reported that in this region, “as well as throughout Russia, military registration and enlistment offices are digitizing databases.”

The military commissar of the Lipetsk region, Valery Gerasimenko, said that “the need for this procedure arose after errors were revealed during the partial mobilization.”

The Kremlin has called it ‘standard practice’ that subpoenas are beginning to be issued to regions to clarify military records, writes Interfax. “Naturally, all data needs to be clarified and updated. In this framework, constant work is being done,” said Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary to the President of the Russian Federation. He also noted that there were “no discussions” in the Kremlin about a new wave of mobilization in Russia.

The Russian authorities have prepared a test version of the database, which will contain detailed information on persons liable for military service, informed in mid-February, the Faridaily project “Explanatory note”. The system is created on the basis of a unified population register, which collects data from various government bodies on all Russian citizens. A source of the project in one of the Moscow police stations said that the mobilization in the fall of 2022 showed that the data in the military registration and enlistment offices was up to a third.

So is the mobilization in Russia over, or is it still not over? We understand the statements of Putin, Peskov and the Ministry of Defense

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