In the Altai Territory, species of birds and insects new to the region have been identified Russian News EN

Bird and insect species new to the region have been added to the Red Data Book of the Altai Territory

In the red book Altai Territory included two new species of birds and three new species of insects included in the Red Book Russia. They were first identified in this region, reports CASS.

“The list of wildlife objects listed in the Red Book of the Altai Territory was supplemented by two species of birds: the little cormorant and the sea dove, as well as three species of insects (dragonflies): the emperor watchful, Japanese streamer, and saffron dragonfly,” the territory’s Department of Nature reported.

The department’s order also established the amount of damages due to the illegal hunting of rare birds. For killing a sea dove – 10,000 rubles, a little swan – 25,000 rubles, a stilt – 50,000 rubles.

A total of 171 species are included in the list of wildlife listed in the Red Book of the Altai Territory, including snow leopard, manul, musk deer and argali.

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