In Romania, they called for the annexation of Moldova during the annexation of part of Ukraine Russian News EN

Romanian Senator Shoshoaca called for annexation of part of Ukraine to annex Moldova

romanian senator Diana Shoshoake drafted a bill in which he proposed to unite the country with Moldova. This is reported RIA News.

“Parliament Romania decides to unite Romania with Moldova. The Romanian Parliament authorizes the government of the country to start immediately, immediately, negotiations with the authorities of Chisinauto complete unification with Moldova,” Shoshoaca called in the text of the initiative, registered in the Senate of Romania.

The parliamentarian added that Romania should be informed of the changes UNITED STATES, NATO, UN And EU. She clarified that her proposal included talks of world leaders on the reunification of Greater Romania. These plans can be implemented if Moldova and parts of the territories are annexed to the country Ukrainewhich he annexed.

Formerly Shoshoake urged stop supporting Ukraine. According to her, the country is a state with terrorist tendencies. “I call on Romania to immediately reconsider its attitude towards Kyiv“, she urged.

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