In Poland, began to massively deploy army recruiting centers Russian News EN

Poland’s Ministry of Defense has started deploying Army Recruitment Centers across the country

Department of Defense Poland began to deploy recruitment centers throughout the country to attract volunteers into the national army. On this subject informed “Military review”.

It is noteworthy that various exhibitions and other events are held in Poland, where men are offered to sign a contract for military service.

One of the reasons for these actions is the intention of the Polish President Andrzej Duda create the largest army in Europe. An increase in the number of military personnel is needed to handle new armored vehicles and artillery systems, which are actively purchased by the Polish leadership, the newspaper notes.

The previous newspaper The Telegraph about plans Poland will create the largest army in Europe to face Russia. According to the publication, Warsaw plans to spend 4% of its GDP on defense, more than any other country NATO twice. The country will notably buy 1,000 South Korean K2 main battle tanks and 250 American tanks Abrams Chariots M1A2 SEPV3. In this case, Poland will become the owner of the largest armored divisions in Europe.

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