In Moscow there was a mass brawl at the wrestling competition Russian News FR

TASS: There was a mass brawl at the wrestling competition in Moscow

IN Moscow During the wrestling competition, there was a mass brawl involving around 50 people. This is reported CASS.

It should be noted that the event took place at the VTB Arena. According to the agency, the cause of the fight was a conflict that arose during the game. The mass brawl lasted at least 10 minutes. Several participants in the fight were arrested and taken to the police department.

Previously, players of the Russian and Ukrainian teams arranged a mass brawl at the Royal Seginus Turkish Hotel, where they lived at the same time. Several representatives of the Ukrainian club “Minay” approached the head of the Yaroslavl “Shinnik” and began to demand that he sing the anthem Ukraine. He suggested Ukrainians take to the streets and sort out “one at a time”. The conflict was extinguished by the intervention of hotel employees.

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