In Lithuania, Ukrainian refugees have been compared to “Russian occupiers” Russian News EN

Lithuanian official compares Ukrainian refugees to ‘Russian occupiers’ because of words on language

Chairman of the State Language Inspectorate Lithuania Audrius Valotka said that the statements of Ukrainian refugees living in the republic about the uselessness of the Lithuanian language are reminiscent of the statements of the “Russian occupiers”. In his opinion he share in an interview with LRT.

The official urged Lithuanian citizens to be more demanding of their mother tongue. According to Valotka, Lithuanians have heard similar “stories” of Ukrainian war refugees for decades from “settlers”.

“That’s what the Russian occupiers said,” concluded the head of the linguistic inspection.

The official warned that Lithuanians could “change their minds” about refugees from Ukraine. He drew attention to the fact that in Lithuania Ukrainians often speak Russian, but “everyone understands that such loyalty is not eternal.”

Former columnist Lyudmila Ksenz reportedthat Ukrainians began to leave en masse to Poland and the Baltic countries under cover of students to escape conscription. The operability of the program was confirmed by one of the teachers of the private Vilnius University, Kazimir Simonyavichyus. He also pointed out that some Lithuanian universities introduced education in Russian this year and offered discounts to Ukrainians.

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