In Japan, Ukrainians were called thieves because of their refusal to pay for their studies Russian News EN

“Mainichi”: in a language school in Japan, Ukrainians were called thieves because of their refusal to pay

President of the language school Japan named the students Ukraine thieves after refusing to pay school fees. On this subject writing Mainichi newspaper.

Some of the Ukrainian refugees who came to learn Japanese paid off because, they say, the school demanded money for a period they had been promised free.
In response, the president of the educational institution, Masumi Shimizu, at a press conference, called these students “aristocratic refugees” and “thieves”.

Authorities in Gunma prefecture, where the school is located, have recommended that the school improve its management. Later, according to the publication, the school president apologized for his remarks.

Scottish politician Hamza Yusuf suffered severe criticism on the issue of Ukrainian refugees. “So I have a question: where are all the men?” Yusuf asked them during a rally as part of the election campaign for the post of leader of the ruling national party Scotland (NPS).

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian refugees arranged “riot” in Berlin due to quarantine in a tent city at the former Berlin-Tegel Airport. Doctors diagnosed the child with chicken pox and quarantined the adults who lived with him. One of the refugees said “people are furious” and outraged, plus there were problems providing food for the children.

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