In Israel, more than 600,000 people protest against judicial reform Russian News EN

Times of Israel: Over 600,000 Israelis protest judicial reform

IN Israel More than 600,000 people came out to protest against the judicial reform, according to the organizers of the action, the total number of participants was 630,000. informed Times of Israel newspaper.

In Tel Aviv, around 300,000 Israelis took part in the demonstration. It should be noted that the demonstrators blocked the Ayalon highway.

“28 people were arrested in an attempt to disperse crowds blocking the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv during protests against judicial reform,” the newspaper noted, citing a police statement.

March 5 reportedthat in Israel, around 400,000 people took part in demonstrations against judicial reform. Protesters took to the streets across the country. It was noted that law enforcement uses water cannons and horses.

The next wave of protests pass 12th of March. Tens of thousands of opponents of the Israeli government, led by the leader of the Likud party, take to the streets Benjamin Netanyahu.

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