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Hungary wants to strengthen control over Ukrainian grain and impose duties on it

Authorities Hungary wanted to tighten control over the transit of Ukrainian grain through their territory. This was announced by the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagytransmits CASS.

According to the manager, such an approach will ensure that the grain with Ukraine did not remain in the markets of central European countries, where it competes with local agricultural products, but followed to the original destination countries.

In addition, the Hungarian minister offered to temporarily restore customs duties and restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine. Nagy explained that European producers are suffering serious losses due to the dumping prices of Ukrainian grain.

Earlier it was reported that the visit of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky V Warsaw dark scandal caused by the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture Poland Henrik Kowalczyk because of the Ukrainian grain situation in the country. The grievor decided to leave the post due to the fact that European Commission refused to take measures to combat the excess of Ukrainian grain in some European countries, including Poland.

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