In France, called the reason for Trump’s possible arrest Russian News FR

Politician Filippo: Trump could be arrested because of his statements against warmongering

former president UNITED STATES donald trump can be arrested because of his statements against incitement to a world war. The politician called the reason for the possible arrest in his Twitter leader of the French Patriots party Florian Philippe.

“Trump announced that he could be arrested. The real reason is that he is the one who can destroy globalism, he opposes the outbreak of a third world war. Americans must resist this arrest”, underlined the politician.

March 18 Donald Trump saidthat on March 21 he could be placed in police custody as part of an investigation initiated by the prosecution manhattan. In this regard, he called on his supporters to demonstrate. The politician also criticized the Manhattan district attorney’s office for corruption and politicization.

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On the other hand, the American entrepreneur Elon Musk predicted Trump will win the election in 2024 if he is detained. According to the businessman, the politician will be re-elected with a landslide victory.

On March 10, we learn that the former American leader called for questioning in the case of payments to a stripper and a former porn actress Stephanie Clifford. It was alleged that in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid him $130,000 for withholding information about dealings with a politician.

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