In Astrakhan, the teacher wanted to forcibly cut the student’s hair and watched the video: Incidents: Russia:

In Astrakhan, the teacher of the class wanted to forcibly cut a schoolboy with regrown hair

IN Astrakhan the teacher wanted to forcibly cut a student with growing hair and went on video. It is published by REN TV in its Telegram-channel.

The released footage shows how the teacher twists the hands of a student who tries to resist the teacher. The boy took the scissors from her and tried to leave, but the woman again grabbed the child, trying to put him on a chair. Subsequently, the student managed to leave the premises.

In turn, the publication reports that the class teacher had previously made comments to the eighth-grader about his appearance, but he ignored it. At the same time, the Astrakhan Education Department reported that the teacher acted without malicious intent. At the same time, it is worth noting that the parents of the student have no complaints against the teacher.

Earlier in March reportedthat in Nizhny Tagil, an OBZh teacher from school No. 58 beat two fifth-graders during a lesson. In the footage that entered the network, you can see how a Russian beats one of the schoolboys with a stick. Another student is hit on the head with one hand.

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