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Residents of the village of Chigiri in the Amur region had to repair the roads at their own expense

The inhabitants of the village of Chigiri in Amur region I had to pay for the repair of roads in the settlement, as well as for carrying out sewers, despite the fact that the money for the corresponding work was allocated from the budget. Attention to the situation in the Russian village drew Telegram-Mash channel.

The last time the road was repaired on Svetlaya and Tsentralnaya streets was five years ago. At the same time, instead of a drainage system, the workers dug deep ditches on the sides of the asphalt, which were filled with water after heavy rains and narrowed the already narrow road. As a result of numerous floods, the platform collapsed and narrowed, and pits appeared in it. The situation was aggravated by the fact that due to the presence of a sharp bend, pits and the lack of fences, cars began to regularly fly into the ditches.

Residents of the village often offered the authorities ideas that would help to make repairs cheaper and at the same time improve the situation on the road, but the administration did not solve the problem – they referred either to the lack money, or lack of authorization and failed to respond to the threat of criminal liability for negligence. “Year after year we turned to the district administration – only promises that we would think of something, we would come up with something. Then it says that this road is allegedly under warranty from Server LLC, which made it. And in this regard, they cannot do anything here,” said one of the local residents.

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Not having received the desired result from the local authorities, the residents of Chigirey decided to repair the road themselves. Villagers hired diggers and added sand. In addition, they collected signatures and turned to the All-Russian “Popular” Front, so that its employees could help with paperwork in the event of a trial.

“You have to reconstruct, firstly, this bend, here cars are constantly moving away from this bend, people are crashing, because the bend is very dangerous. Children are walking, the road is very narrow in this place. In general, the risk to life is regular, every day is like in a war,” said a local resident.

In March became it is known that a resident of the village of Rossiysky in Krasnodar Territory promised to hook up the gas for six years. According to the publication “Rise”, the answer came to the Russian after he asked for the supply of gas to the house under the national gasification program.

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