In a Russian city, a mother with a disabled child obtained housing through the court: Domicile: Habitat:

In Ivanovo, the mother of a child with severe cerebral palsy obtained housing through the court

In Ivanovo, a family with a seriously ill child was able to obtain housing through the courts. Attention was drawn to the situation in the Russian city “Russian newspaper”.

Before being given new accommodation, a 13-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy and her mother lived in the same room of just over 20 square meters with her mother. In the summer of 2021, due to faulty wiring in the house, a serious fire broke out, the victims of which were a rescuer and a 12-year-old boy. Due to the fact that the entrance burned down, its inhabitants, including a family with a disabled child, had to be relocated.

According to the senior assistant prosecutor Ivanovo region Ekaterina Sidorova, for some time the affected family received rent for rental housing, but it stopped when the entrance was repaired at the expense of the budget and became habitable again. “At that time, a woman with a disabled child moved to the Novotalitsky settlement in the same Ivanovsky district. It is more convenient for her to live there in terms of access to medical and educational institutions, moreover, the mother’s apartment was too crowded. In the same year 2021, the family was registered as in need of non-tower accommodation,” she added.

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Due to the fact that the family was offered a social apartment at a rate of 14 square meters per person, which is the norm for the region, the Russian woman decided to protect her rights and turned to Ivanovskaya. interdistrict prosecution. When the latter filed a complaint with the district administration and it was not executed, the prosecutor’s office decided to file a lawsuit, indicating that a disabled child needed more living space than standards.

After the court satisfied the requirements, the family was allocated a spacious two-room apartment from the municipal fund on the ground floor in a village near Ivanovo. Its yardage is 53.6 “square”. The woman has already concluded a social labor contract.

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