Hypersonic ‘dagger’ blast killed dozens of foreign officers Russian News EN

Up to 200 foreign officers killed by Kinzhal hypersonic strike on NATO communications center

Pronews Greek portal published the results of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) missile strike Russia at the communication center NATOorganized at the beginning of March.

According to American sources Pronews, the impact of the hypersonic complex “Dagger” struck the joint Ukrainian-NATO center, located near Lviv. It should be noted that the bunker was the planning center for the operations of the North Atlantic Alliance in this region.

The portal called the ‘Dagger’ struck disaster for NATO forces on Ukraine. As a result of the Russian Aerospace Forces strike, “up to 200 NATO officers were killed and irreversible damage was caused to NATO operations in Ukraine,” the article said.

Only 40 corpses were recovered from the ruins of the destroyed center, the rest of the bodies remain under the rubble, writes Pronews. Most of the dead had British and Polish nationality, but Americans and representatives of private companies were also found.

Former commander of the long-range aviation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia, lieutenant general Sergei Kobylash declaredthat hypersonic missiles “Dagger” have already shown themselves during use in a special military operation in Ukraine. “The Kinzhal has been used several times to destroy ground targets,” he said.

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