House prices in Russia are expected to fall due to one factor: House: Habitat:

Competence center of the Moscow Construction Department: housing will become cheaper thanks to digitalization

Over the next five years, housing in Russia will become cheaper due to the digitization of the real estate sector. A similar forecast was given by the head of the competence center of the construction department City of Moscow Pavel Chasovskikh, his words convey

“I’m sure the number will go down. It’s probably 10%,” Chasovskikh predicted. The head of the Competence Center of the Moscow Construction Department also noted that in addition to cheaper housing, digitization of the design and construction process will speed up the process of real estate construction and minimize the risk of errors that can lead to serious consequences. . Finally, another advantage of this process, he called the positive impact on the environment, because the construction of houses can become more environmentally friendly.

In April, Vice-President of the Russian Guild of Realtors Konstantin Aprelev predicted decline in the cost of housing in the secondary market in the future. The expert added that today the offer price and the amount of a real estate transaction in the real estate market differ very significantly, while the latter continues to fall.

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