“House-2” host talked about moving to a country house Russian News FR

Olga Orlova, the leader of “House-2”, talked about moving to a new country house

Famous Russian singer, host of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Orlova revealed information about when she and her family will be able to move into a new holiday home in the Moscow regionwhere renovations are underway. She showed the progress of the work to followers on her Instagram. (social network prohibited in RF; belongs to the company Meta, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

The star shared several videos with fans, showing how workers are engaged in decorating the interior of a two-story mansion. “Favorite job site,” she signed one. In a spacious room resembling an entrance hall, you can see a large number of paint cans, scaffolding, ladders and tiles. The bedroom is distinguished by high ceilings and panoramic windows, and the walls are painted in turquoise color.

“I can’t believe it, of course, but they say, they say in two months we’ll be moving in,” the TV presenter, who also showed a view of several rooms, explained of the timing of the move. . The house once had electricity and plasterboard walls, but most rooms have no doors and the walls are painted white. In addition, neither lamps nor furniture are installed there. At the same time, the site on which the house stands looks well-groomed – it has a lawn, as well as trees, trimmed bushes and tiled paths. Additionally, there is a public bath in a separate building.

In March, the reality TV star “Dom-2” Irina Pinchuk saidHow is the renovation of his new apartment going in Moscow. According to the program participant, all the workers have left to do is install the lighting and put the furniture away.

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