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Coach Yana Nikonenko advised to add sports to another usual activity

Fitness trainer Yana Nikonenko called a way to make sports a habit. His words lead Ferra.

Nikonenko advised me to add sport to another usual activity. “For example, you brush your teeth in the morning and after that you exercise for five to seven minutes. And the old habit, combined with the new, will work very well, ”noted the specialist.

The trainer added that after a month of training in this mode, there is usually an urge to continue training. She noted that habit will help complicate the exercises and do them more often.

Former coach Ekaterina Karina expressed himself on self-study at home. “If you take flexibility and stretching, then doing it without the supervision of a trainer is dangerous, because an awkward movement can lead to serious injuries: sprains or muscle tears,” she pointed out.

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