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Trainer Crawford called stepper exercises one of the most ineffective for weight loss

Trainer Kaylee Crawford has named the four least effective exercises for weight loss. His words lead the portal eat this not that.

According to the expert, courses on the elliptical trainer are useless. Crawford suggested replacing them with rowing. She called the stepper, which simulates climbing stairs, another ineffective simulator, and said lunges are best done while walking. “Lunges will provide a greater range of motion and engage more muscles, while loading your lower body and glutes like a stepper,” Crawford added.

In addition, the specialist called classic push-ups ineffective and recommended changing the technique: increasing the range of motion, descending as low as possible. The trainer also said that the top block pull won’t help reduce weight and pump back muscles. She added that pull-ups are much more effective.

Earlier on April 10, coach Maria Volynkina appointed effective exercises to burn belly fat. The specialist said that multi-component exercises, for example, the barbell, will help to cope with this problem.

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