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Dr. Maltsev called warming up and sticking to the training regimen components of a safe race

When running, it is important to warm up properly and follow a reasonable training schedule. Otherwise, poor technique can lead not only to pain, but also to serious changes in the joints. “Prime” said to a traumatologist-orthopedist Ilya Maltsev.

According to the doctor, runners most often suffer from knee joints. Choosing the type of load, working with running technique will help to avoid unwanted injuries. In addition, to preserve the joints, it is important to carry out a set of special measures. They allow you to bring the muscular frame and blood circulation to working order, Maltsev emphasized.

The traumatologist stressed the importance of a good warm-up before running. The doctor advised the runners to do exercises on the gluteal, calf and knee joints.

It should also be taken into account that injuries to the knee joints depend on the biomechanics of the feet, that is, the presence or absence of flat feet and excess weight. Novice runners better consult a trainer and take technical training seriously, Maltsev concluded.

April 6 fitness trainer Anna Varakina gave advice weight loss in one step. According to the expert, a 30-minute walk can burn at least 150 calories. To do this, you have to walk on rough terrain, especially on hills, sandy shore and forest path. Second, you can do vigorous walking or alternate walking and jogging.

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