Gosha Kutsenko complained about the “perverted” taste of the public Russian News FR

Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko has complained that public taste has become more “perverted”

russian actor Gosha Kutsenko complained that it had become difficult to write “decent” screenplays as moviegoers’ tastes became more “kinky”. Artist’s words son “Gazeta.Ru”.

“The viewer is sort of, probably in a good way, corrupt. And in general – in the last years of cinema, serial creativity has become very popular and has gained weight with the advent of platforms. And, of course, the pandemic has made an invaluable contribution,” he said.

Kutsenko noted that it is not always possible to make the audience laugh with humorous images, using only “pure tricks”. The 55-year-old actor likened comedy screenwriting to a restricted sport.

“When you write a screenplay, you have to know how to get by with good, clean stuff. Avoid vulgarity, do not hit below the belt. It’s such an Olympic sport: you can’t kick here, you can’t use your elbows, you can’t hit your eyes with sex or strong expressions,” summed up the honored artist. . Russia.

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